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How it all started

Based on the success of a well received book titled “Scriptology - FileMaker Pro Demystified”, which was envisioned, co-authored and produced by Matt Petrowsky & ISO Productions, Inc. in the mid to late 90's, it was without surprise that additional products would follow the standout release.


In the early 2000's Matt released a single FileMaker file called the Scriptology Theme Library for FileMaker Pro. This simple FileMaker file, which was packed with a number of fully designed layouts and all kinds of design elements for use within FileMaker's Layout Mode was a valuable tool for any FileMaker layout designer.

Over the years, the product evolved and acquired new elements, layouts and other design aspects. The layouts and design elements were used by thousands of FileMaker developers to create the wide variety of solutions possible within FileMaker Pro.

 and why we love what we do...

Eventually, that single FileMaker file started integrating so many features that it became full-blown software which provided design functionality along with design elements.

The product was renamed from the Scriptology Theme Library to the Scriptology Theme Studio because of the enhancements.

With the world of web design taking off, and a wide variety of icon collections being made available at the time, the Scriptology Theme Studio offered an integrated suite of icon storage, manipulation, and other tools for design related time-savings for users and developers of FileMaker Pro solutions.

With the explosion of online icon collections and the integration of FileMaker Pro's new theming system in version 12, the Theme Studio continued to provide value to FileMaker developers. With much of the Theme Studio having been developed using Java technology, and then subsequently, Apple having removed default support for Java, the Theme Studio was slow in updates and was eventually retired.

Today, the spirit of the Theme Library/Studio products carries on through by offering 100% native FileMaker themes designed to save the FileMaker designer a ton of time when it comes to creating their FileMaker solutions.

Because of this constant passion to both save time and make things look as attractive as possible within FileMaker, it's our hope that you enjoy the value provided by the themes offered on this site!

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