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Sometimes that specially-crafted pre-made theme just doesn't fit your particular needs. When that's the case, you’re always welcome to contact us about making a variant of one of our existing themes or having us craft a theme to your specific requirements. Here are the things you can ask us to change.

Available customization options
  1. Change the radius for the corners of all objects.
  2. Set the background color for all default fields to a given color or transparent.
  3. Specify a custom font.
  • $50 extra per theme.

Super customizations

Available options
  1. Choose your own 5 colors.
  2. Choose your desired font faces.
  3. Choose your desired corner radius (if any).
  4. Specify desired color usage for field borders.
  5. Specify desired color usage for icons.
  6. Provide special instructions for object styling.
  • $350 flat fee with a 48 hour turnaround.

In order to continue with your special customizations all you need to do is contact us. You can do that on our support page. Just scroll to the area where you can fill out the contact form.

Basic customizations

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